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Tamed Big Cats For Sale!!(cheetah cubs, jaguar cub

Posted on 4/18/2011 11:10:13 AM

We have tamed big cats(cheetahs,jaguar,leopard,lion and tiger cubs), bush babies, chimpanzees and African gray parrots available. We offer only the tamed babies of 4 to 16 weeks from our collections. Our game reserve at the moment holds well tamed cubs to offer to big cats lovers; cheetah cubs, jaguar cubs,leopard cubs,black panther babies,lion cubs,mountain lion cubs, Bengal tiger cubs,white Siberian tiger cubs,jaguar and leopard cubs now available. We also have chimpanzees, gorillas, bush babies, different African monkeys, Elephants, African gray parrots, palm black parrots and other exotic parrots. Supplier and breeder of exotic parrots,pets and games from Africa. license to export and supply different games. If interested email for more details at johnmicahwildlifefarms@gmai

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